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cflatt 03-27-2006 10:23 AM

Part of the weekend cook
OK so shoot me now for not posting more pics. This was all I could get in the time allowed. Did a small 7 pound butt. Rubbed with Wolfe Rub and white pepper. Turned out wonderful. Also after seeing Green Hornets stuffed tenderloin I had to try it. Took an 8 pounder and cut it in half. Froze half then cut the remainder in half and sliced it to roll up. One got Spinach, Portabella, Feta and provolone. The other was for the non-fungi eaters (never eat anything that closely related to jock-itch). It had spinach, fresh mozzarella and a little provolone. rolled them up and sealed the open ends with bacon slices to keep the cheese from all leaking out. Both turned out tender and juicy. The mushroom one was devoured. The rest is sliced and vac sealed. Sorry but I was told no pictures with first time company over.

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