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Pigs On The Wing BBQ 11-13-2005 11:05 AM

Some Venison Good stuff indeed!

Larry Wolfe 11-13-2005 11:56 AM

Backstraps and Tenderloin, correct?

Griff 11-13-2005 12:12 PM

Now those are some good eats.


11-13-2005 09:34 PM

Here are some more ~ Hope you don't mind Pigs :!:

We'll be cooking up them tenderloins next Sunday while making up some sausage! =P~ =P~


Pigs On The Wing BBQ 11-13-2005 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by Larry Wolfe
Backstraps and Tenderloin, correct?

Yes I hope to get more next week :biggrin:

Griff 11-13-2005 10:41 PM


Looks like you butcher your own meat. Good on ya. That venison sure looks good. What's the big pot with the fork on top? Deerburger?


11-13-2005 11:09 PM

Deer burger is right! 60 pounds of ground venison in that pot. Those pics are from Pigs ~ He has a few friends that hook him up every year with a few deer every year. I'm tryin' real hard to befriend Pigs!!! :sad:

Pigs On The Wing BBQ 11-13-2005 11:27 PM

Going to put the Joker to work next sunday, Lots of sausage to be made, He's working for a pound per hour. :grin: Pics to come so stay tuned.

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