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Vermin999 08-15-2016 09:32 PM

Pizza Pot Pie
Saw a video from the Food Network on Facebook about a month ago, saved it and finally gave it a try. I used some different things but the technique is pretty much the same and I saw in the video.

I used Ramekins and Pyrex bowls. I have a nice set of ramekins but my wife "cleaned the garage" and now neither one of us can find anything.

Anyway I sprayed some Pam in the bowls, lined the walls with some sliced Mozzarella cheese and added shredded Mozarela to the bottom. Added slices pepperoni, green olives, and a ladle of sauce. The sauce had a package of Trader Joes hot Italian sausage that I took out of the casings cooked, about a tsp red pepper flakes, med sauteed chopped onion and a jar of Pizza sauce.

Added a couple more slices of pepperoni and topped with pizza dough. Placed on the grill indirect and cooked till the dough was done

Once done let them rest about 5 min, turned them upside down on a plate, ran a knife around the edge and everything just sort of plops out.

This recipe is a keeper, turned out really good if you like deep dish pizza!!!
pizza pot pie : Food Network

Old Dave 08-15-2016 11:33 PM

Wow, that looks good...I will have to try it.

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