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sloJoe 01-02-2015 04:27 PM

Greetings from Turkey Creek...
Just found your forum this pm., looks like I could get some info on my BBQ efforts here.

bbquzz 01-02-2015 04:38 PM

Good to have you here SloJoe.

Bosko 01-02-2015 04:46 PM

A-hoy! up some good stuff we love it!

sloJoe 01-02-2015 05:43 PM

Won't be seeing much in the pics department from me, haven't got the gear to do it properly, I'll try to contribute whenever I can.

bigwheel 01-02-2015 07:00 PM

Hey Joe..welcome aboard.

Max 01-03-2015 04:25 AM

If you have a point and shoot, or cell phone camera, that will work good enough. Half of my pictures come from my cell, the other half from my Nikon DSLR.

Bosko 01-03-2015 04:28 AM

What are you doing up at 4:30 Max, only OLD people get up at this hour.........;)

sloJoe 01-03-2015 08:58 AM

Have no camera, phone is a $22 Walmart on the prepaid cards, life is simple here on the creek bank, this old Gateway computer was a gift, keeps me kinda in the 21st century.

Bosko 01-03-2015 09:02 AM

Ah.......another BBQer in the witness protection program.
Did they give you a Xmas ham this year like mine?

Dry.......crunchy.......must have been from bones of others that didn't join up:rolleyes:

bbquzz 01-03-2015 09:53 AM

Joe, quick go to the Discovery Channel I'm betting they can make a reality show about your life :lol:

sloJoe 01-03-2015 10:11 AM

We don't get that channel, but thanks for the consideration, my TV is on antenna, we get a total of 7 channels!!

Max 01-03-2015 08:05 PM

I have insomnia Bosko, May not sleep for 3 days at a time. My record for staying awake is 9 days. Not that it is good for me or anything. You start seeing funny shit by that time.

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