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Tx26257 03-30-2013 04:55 PM

Easter brisket need guidance
Guys sorry if this is a stupid question but the mother in-law is asking me to bring a brisket.
I'm cooking it either on my Holland or a vertical gas smoker over night. I like to pull it off by 7am and rest it in a cooler during church and drive times till 1:30 pm.

What time should it go one if I plan too cook about 230 deg

Brisket is a bit over 7 lbs

bigwheel 03-30-2013 07:53 PM

From the size mentioned sounds like you may have what is called a brisket flat. Slightly different strategies from a packer brisket which is what most folks mean when they say brisket. Not sure what is a Holland but a vertical gasser will work. First you will need a flavorful sop/mop i.e. a liquid within which to poach the beast on the tinfoil stage. Walter Jettons is my favorite. The small batch version can be found in the recipe section I think. Anyway. if you dont want it to be a grand prize winner..just invest in some beef broth and put a little butter and wooter in there to perk it up. So you cook the chunk of meat fat down and splatter it with the hot sop mop each hour. At the the end of 3 hours wrap it up with about a cup of the sop/mop and cook it slowly till it dies and gives up. Should take about 6-7 hours start to finish. Also bump up your heat. Brisket likes around 250. Turn it down a bit when it gets in the foil. The longer you can prolong that stage of the game the better in my book. After it gets it down for about an hour..dump off the sop and defat it. Add enough fresh sop to the old defatted sop to make about another cup and add it back to the foil. Get it good and hot yet again...and throw in the insulated box. Will keep 8 hrs prob. There ya go. Also start with Frenchies mustard and a good rub.

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