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pitproducts 02-22-2012 05:00 PM

Pit Products - Looking to Learn How to Better Serve
Hello everyone,

We, Pit Products, have been building storage cabinets and storage accessories for trailers and garages for about 10 years. The "Pit" in our name actually came from the pits in racing...but I guess it fits in well with "bbq pit" also...

The past few years we have been getting more and more orders and inquiries for cabinets from the competitive BBQ field.

Yesterday, a customer sent in his second order for some cabinets for his BBQ trailer and I was talking to him about his trailer, and the competitions he traveled to in 2011, etc. Anyway, he recommended that I check out BBQ Central as a place to learn what the serious BBQ folks are looking for when they outfit their BBQ trailers and BBQ work that is what I am here learn how Pit Products might be able to serve this community better.

I do plan to post some photos of BBQ trailers that have been outfitted with Pit Produts gear and I hope to ask some questions of the community to see how we could improve our products to better serve your needs.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your input!

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