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01-29-2005 11:03 AM

Ratman, welcome aboard. Introduce yourself and have a look around. Bring your sense-of-humor ~ You're gonna need it! :-D

Bruce B 01-29-2005 11:06 AM

At least this morning he will....welcome Ratman, buckle up and get a good grip boy.

Captain Morgan 01-29-2005 11:13 AM

Welcome Ratman! Post early and post often!

Greg Rempe 01-29-2005 11:45 AM

Ratman? Alrighty then...welcome aboard! You'll find great knowledge, great people and the best Site Administrator on the web! :shock:

Uncle Al 01-29-2005 01:04 PM

We have a NEW administrator ??????? :smt040

Uncle Al

Woodman 01-29-2005 01:24 PM

Good one Al! :-D

Finney 01-29-2005 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by Uncle Al
We have a NEW administrator ??????? :smt040

Uncle Al

I'm really starting to like this Uncle Al guy. :) 10 posts... a Pee Wee Herman joke and a Greg slam. :-D

Ratman 01-29-2005 06:36 PM

Why thanks for the warm welcome folks. I'm registered on the other board (BBQ Texas) and someone (?) put a link to here. I'm a backyard charcoal cooker looking to move up to a traeger grill. This weekend could be the time that I finally buy it. Thanks again.


Uncle Al 01-29-2005 08:56 PM


Greg is such an easy target. Just kidding, Greg, I mean Mr Rempe.

Hey greg, tell the folks about the time you got shot in the shoulder !!!! :smt067 What a hoot.

Uncle Al

Greg Rempe 01-29-2005 09:08 PM

That's true!! Smokin' U can vouch for me! :oops: :oops: :oops:

Smokin' U 01-29-2005 09:26 PM

No sympathy here! :twisted:

Finney 01-29-2005 09:33 PM

I know about the shooting. And how he and his brother(the brother) like to BBQ. I guess they were both brother, brothers.
I'm just supprised he didn't HAVE TO start this website because the other ones wouldn't allow him to be on theirs. :-)

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