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big dude 08-27-2008 06:06 PM

Cold smoking in an offset - help
Is it possible to effectively cold smoke sausage, fish, cheese, etc in an offset smoker (Klose 20x48) and if so does anyone have a process for doing it. I don't plan on building a Wittdog smoke house or winning Larry's Cookshack raffle, so I might as well go this route. :) :)

bigwheel 08-27-2008 10:37 PM

Lot of ways to skin a cat of course. I cold smoke sausage on my offset by using a one eyed electric hot plate from Wally World..a pie pan...and a few chunks or chips of wood or pee can shells. I have a fairly big upright and I take out the cook racks and put some wooden dowels (actually small limbs from a piss elm tree) to span the distance where the racks go and loop the "cured" sausage over the sticks. Put the hot plate and pie pan with the flavoring wood or nut shells directly underneath the meat...plug it in and come back later. Never messed with cheese but would seem like you prob need to set that on a plate or something. Fish would be a horse of a different color also. Only fish I ever had which would qualify as even coming close to being cold smoked had been brined and dehydrated ..sorta like making jerky. Sure somebody on here tell you how to do the fish or if all else fails bet you could Google up some recipes and techniques.


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