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WildFireEric 04-08-2008 08:35 PM

Chicken Flu Anyone???
Personally, I think we should do this anytime you got the flu.....Just grill up some chicken. Much tastier than Top Ramen, right???? After a week of us both having the flu, I'm hoping to get my strength up for the wall of shame of putting down a 1lb burger at some local burger place a friend is taking me and Amy is hoping to eat more than just a Nathan's Dog.

I cooked these up. not bad looking from being in the freezer (on their way to a sure freezer burn death if not rescued). Enjoy!!!!

Captain Morgan 04-08-2008 09:11 PM

what kind of sauce did you use?

WildFireEric 04-08-2008 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by Captain Morgan
what kind of sauce did you use?

Thanks for asking. The sauce is some stuff Amy made. Just some K.C. Style. Sweet and thick. I don't recall which book she read. I got the chicken up to about 140 degrees and then put the sauce on in many layers and flipped them about every 5-10 minutes. I used a rub recipe in Dr. BBQ's book. This is a little on the salty side (i also brined the chicken as i usually do and i may have added too much salt to that). but its good because I'm cutting these up and putting in rice. nothing like this and a whole stick of butter in rice. plus (I substituded habanero powder for cayenne) and that brings a little party to your mouth.

Cliff H. 04-08-2008 09:55 PM

That looks like the cure for the flu to me.

:wink: Nice work.

Larry Wolfe 04-09-2008 05:18 AM

Nice work Eric, glad to hear you and Amy are feeling better!

WildFireEric 04-09-2008 05:57 AM

Chicken.....It's what's for breakfast
Thanks Larry. Would be nice to be feeling better for next weekend :)

Amy's eating this for breakfast. I guess that's normal if you're hungry. Mine might not wait for lunch either :shock:

007bond-jb 04-09-2008 09:21 AM

Sick Sucks Hope yall feel better soon.
BBQ for breakfast Yummmm

WildFireEric 04-09-2008 09:40 AM

Thanks JB (Happy BD)

I think i'm almost over this one. Amy got it much worse than me and is at that plateu where you almost feel good, but you're not quite there. Too bad I can't just foil her like a butt :shock: to get over it.

I guess flus and bbq take their sweet time. So I figure she'll probably be fine in a few more days. If she can eat this stuff then I know she's fine. My breakfast didn't make it past this post. So might need to get something for lunch.

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