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Wilber D Hog

One of these would look real good in my back yard but I think I will still stick with the barrel smoker.


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Check out this post from a while back.

http://www.myfreebulletinboard.com/f2/b ... t3975.html

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The only thing I would change on that pit is I would like to leave out the fire pit and just make it with an offset fire box. I just wasn't sure how the flue would work on that. I didn't like the fact you had to burn down sticks to embers to cook with. Too much work for me. Plus fire bricks are pretty darn expensive here in Florida. No one builds much with them so I would have to use cinder blocks. I looked into fire bricks to line my smoker and was quoted 3 bucks a brick
Other than that it would look sweet in anyones backyard!
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