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Buy some and tell the butchery manager it's the best move they've made in a year.

Talk to the manager, they enjoy meat for the most part, and I have been lucky to get on well with those I've talked to, they have then worked with me to get me what I want, they appreciate a 4 - 5 day lead time, but they've helped out at shorter notice a couple of times.

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Hmmm..never have just ground up the points. Looks like it be a tad on the fat side. Have ground up and/or have had the butcher grind up quite a few severely trim packers. Makes great burgers and still plenty enough fat. Flavor is a killer. Only thing is it dont like to stick together very well so you got to treat the patties sorta gentle. Thats the same reason you dont find it in many sausage recipes..though did make some out of it one time which come out highly edible. It was mixed with chuck roast which might have helped some. Think it lacks much myosin or whutever it is that causes meat to stick together. Next time I try this might consider adding an egg per pound of meat. That should solve the problemo I think. Do the points have trouble sticking together when you just do points? Thanks.


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My SAMS Manager said packers and flats just lay there....can't move them at all, so they won't carry them
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Originally Posted by hvac4u
they were scarce for a while this summer here , but i too see them coming back. i love to grind the point @75/25 for meatballs and burgers.
MMMmmmm Briskit burgers & tallow frys from the rendered fat. Hey I done a video of that once...

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