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What CAN I do with my grill/smoker?

Hey guys, I'm a total noob so be patient please! My family never really grilled when I was growing up so this is a whole new world to me. My best friend is a grilling fanatic and kind of got me started. He just moved away so I bought my own Oklahoma Joe offset smoker.

I'm vegetarian as are three of my kids. The other two like meat. I've been doing a bit of online research to find out what I can do and I've been amazed at how many possibilities there are that I never even expected. I'm excited!

I can smoke cheese! Yay! I love the stuff and we eat a ton of cheese but I always thought it couldn't be done at home...figured the cheese would turn into a puddle. As a single mom, the smoked cheese is typically out of my budget so this is a huge deal for me!

On one forum, I saw people talking about smoking salt. Sounds awesome but it was something I'd never heard of before. Interested in trying some.

We've obviously done typical grill stuff (burgers, steaks, ribs, etc) and yesterday I started a pork butt that so far has taken 23 hours but I'm bound and determined to keep it low and slow and not to wrap it...the juices run every time I poke it so it's looking great. We've done veggie-kabobs, stuffed portabellas, and some simple things like that but what is out there that I don't know about?

My AC sucks so I never turn my oven on during the summer. I'm thinking there may be a way to use my new grill/smoker for far more than I realize. If I wrapped it tightly to limit the smoke, could we have lasagna again? Baked goods? lol

What are some things (both vegetarian and meat) I can do that might not be overly obvious to someone first diving into this fascinating world?

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To smoke cheese it is better to use something that generates smoke with not a lot of heat. For best results cheese shouldn't get higher than 100 degrees or it will start to sweat. I use one of these, works awesome. https://www.amazenproducts.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=12

While I'm smoking cheese add some kosher salt to a coffee filter and smoke it too. I don't know it you eat eggs but shelled hard boiled eggs are great to smoke too.

A few veggies I have smoked and really enjoy is Spaghetti squash filled with sauteed diced onion and green peppers inside where the seeds were, cover with aluminum foil and cook. Been a long time since I did it but it takes a long time. Stuffed cabbage is really good too, Hollow out a cabbage but don't go all the way thru, make an aluminum foil ring so the cabbage will stand upright, add BBQ sauce to the hole and smoke, takes about 4-6 hours to cook. Veggie fajitas are another favorite but you grill the veggies for that.

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Vermin, those are all wonderful ideas! We are big spaghetti squash fans and just this morning I was debating about what to do with the cabbage in the fridge. I love the idea and I bet the kids will even try it. None of them are fans of cole slaw so I'm always struggling to find ways to get them to eat cabbage. Egg rolls are still their favorite but this sounds like something they would go nuts over too!

Thanks for the heads up on cold smoking. I hadn't seen those before but will definitely be getting one ASAP!
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What are some things (both vegetarian and meat) I can do that might not be overly obvious to someone first diving into this fascinating world?
Somethings easy, and won't take all day:
Burgers, Fatties, Pork Loin, Pork Tenderloin, Salsa, Chicken, Pizza.

Really anything can be smoked in one way or another, you just have to figure out what the best way is. Use your imagination....
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