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Wedding Cook

The wife had told her newphew and new wife that we would smoke a ham and brisket for the wedding reception. I was really pressed for time this weekend so the wife took it on herself to smoke the ham and brisket her self. She also threw on a butt for our son that was coming in from Houston. Got to say she did a really good job on all three meats and everyone was really bragging on the brisket. Told her she was not going to take over my pit.


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Uh Oh, you're in trouble. Should never have allowed them the vote, see what it's led to.

Hope my wife doesn't see this


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Super job to the Mrs TH looks real good
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Looks like she did a great job, bet it was tasty. You better watch out!
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Re: Wedding Cook

Originally Posted by Tannehill Kid
Told her she was not going to take over my pit.
Better get her one of her own, or you'll be making reservations to get your turn to cook. :P

("Honey, can I use the pit on Saturday?" "What for?" )
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Looks like it turned out good.

What did you inject with the Cajun Injector mix ?

What kind of rub is that ?
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Hey! did she do it all on that new WSM Tannhill? Looks great!

....and I'm sure everyone dying to pop off a "Can you send her to my house"

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