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Very Cool Old Style Score!

The other day I spotted something on Craigslist I just had to get. It's an old style(what I call an Open Pit)BBQ grill. Reminds me of the type my dad had when I was a little kid. Needs a little cleaning but I'm going to try to clean it up and repaint it and yes, I will use it for grilling like we did in the old days. Funny how that sounds...... "Old Days" Lol......

The grate thingy works for raising and lowering too. I love this little thing!!!

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Very nice. I think ours had taller legs and no wheels. As seems like old Garry Howard described how his Daddy cooked chicken on one of them thngs. You get it flaming tall with the Gulf Light..throw the chicken on there right quick and start basting it with cold Kraft BBQ sauce. When the sauce is gone and the flames die was time to eat. Sorta like we done it at my house.
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