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Turkey prep

Hi guys! New to the Forums but long time smoker! ( hobbiest lol) I just want to get some input on operating my smoker. It is a Master Forge duel fuel ( purchased from lowes last Christmas) Before this smoker I operated a brinkman vertical charcoal smoker, the drum for about 15 years. It finally died.

So far the Master Forge has been used 6 times has a charcoal smoker and about 4 times using propane. Because of the cold temps and the fact that my wife wants to eat early (12 noon) I will be using propane. So I have some basic questions about getting her up to temp and keeping that way.

The side of the smoker has two vents one on each side at the fire box, using charcoal I open them to allow more air to help add heat. But what happen's when using propane? Is it just allowing the heat to leave?

Secondly my bird is 13.41 lbs so my plan is to fire up the smoker at 3AM the bird to hit it at 4AM and hopefully be ready to eat around 11: or 12. Is this a realistic goal? Would I be better off splinting the bird in half? This will decrease the cook time right? and if so by how much? ( I do understand that there is no precise measure just want a educated guess) I will be trying to hold a 230 temp.

Lastly I will be using some apple wood from my property. I usually just purchase wood chips from the supermarket but have decided to run with what I got. Do I need to debark it? I read somewhere that if I don't there might be a strange taste from it?

I attached pics of my rig. I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving, and I would love your input! Bless you and yours
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Okay first off welcome to the forums, we have a great deal of people here, with a vast knowledge base. I don't use propane except on my grill for fast cooking. So the person to ask for that question to be answered would be Big Wheel.

For question number 2, how long should you cook your bird. Generally they say that turkey will cook at 30 minutes per pound @ 225 when smoking. Your bird is basically 13.5 pounds. Your cook time should be around 6.75 hours. Make sure you cook until both the white and dark meat reach an internal temp of 165 degrees. When you have achieved this take the turkey off and let it rest for atleast 30 minutes before carving. Since the bird is gonna be all alone on your smoker, I would suggest that you brine it. This will as moisture to the turkey, and will not dry out as fast.

As far as using apple wood, most of the wood that I use is fruit wood. Apple wood being no exception, actually I use apple wood the most, because we have an abundance here in Michigan, along with cherry wood. Yes you can use apple wood with bark on it, after all that is wood too. If you are using new wood (fresh cut) you will be getting alot of smoke from it. I think fruit woods are better for using with foul, it is alot less pungent, and gives a sweet flavor. The only drawback to using fruit woods is that it does turn whatever you are smoking very very dark in color. Case in point. 2 turkeys left one was smoked with apple and cherry woods, and the one on the right was deep fried.

I hope this has helped you somewhat.

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Hey Thanks for the input. It seems I am at least on the right page! I don't mind if it looks dark in fact I love it.

I will be using the smoker has a water smoker trying to subvert doing a brine. I am really not sure if I believe in using one at all. There seems to be very mixed feelings about it and it level of effectiveness.

But here I simply dont have the time. I was told just four people for dinner ( I purchased a small breast cause the wife got a ham) then it got dropped on me last night that number had jumped to 13.
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