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TPJ pork Butt in comp

I am thinking about using some of the Texas pepper jelly pineapple Hab jelly on my pork butt in the next comp. I love the way it tastes but do you think it will make it to spicy for the judges? Has anyone used it in a comp? How did you do?

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I've you are only putting it on the outside while cooking it will probably be fine. Just use it before a comp in whatever manner you are planning and have people taste it. Don't tell them what you did or anything... just have them taste and get feedback.


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I'd def do that ahead of time..I'm concerned how bark would form.
You may want to incorporate some of that jelly in a sauce to get the
flavors in the meat.
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I've used it on ribs. How did I do? As hard as I try, and as many times as I've put it together, the rib prize still eludes me. I thought they were darn good!

Be careful with Habs. They can get hot when you cook em!

Good Luck and Good Q!

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