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This weekend I lose my virginity

So this is it finally the weather has warmed to the 40's for the weekend and I get to break in my brand spanking new 22.5" WSM that Santa brought me AND my 1st ever smoke. I've grilled a ton of bbr's but never smoked anything. So I decided on ribs, not just any rib but St. Louie's ribs. So there are so many methods out there my head is spinning. What are peoples suggestions on the cooking method I should loose my virginity too.

I want some tasty ribs to munch on as I watch my Pats take care of business with the Texans...................

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quint....get a clay saucer for the water pan foil everything up , do a minion charcoal setup , rub those ribs with brown sugar , salt , pepper , garlic & onion powder...(tons of good rub recipes on here , just pick one)..cook em at 225-250 for a couple hours....foil them with a little apple juice...cook em another hour....unwrap em....check them for tenderness.(times are approximate)..slap a liitle sauce on em. you will be in hog heaven. and when the pats win .....doubly sweet. good luck , brother !

We call it BAH -b - cue !

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Hambone has it right ... Here is a little more detail if you are interested.
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No real reason to wait for warm weather, I'm here to tell you the WSM works to -20*, never tried it lower than than that. But I understand. Good luck with that first cook.
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Griff isn't -20 a warm spell for you guys up in Alaska? Lol

I'm sure ill do some smoking when colder after a little experience.

Hambone thanks for the advise can't wait to start. Getting nervous about the Pats game now, all the local sport radio buffoons are predicting a blow out. Reminds me of the way they were talking about the Jets a few years ago and we all know how that turned out.

Thanks for the link bbquzz
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Rain and wind are the major culprits. Cold maybe come in a distant third place. Snow effect it less than rain. When its Springtime in Alaska its 40 below.
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Looks like you have excellent advice here. All I can add is that I call it freezing (for ME!) when it gets down close to 60.

Keep up the good work!

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Good luck with that smoke.
Now you have me craving ribs!

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