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The "Google" of barbecue and grilling??

Someone on twitter sent me a link to this site...wanted to get your opinions...seems like a cool idear! It is fairly self-explanatory!

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Kind of cool Greg. I buzzed around on it. If you can't find it there, it's no where to be found. I put all kinds of crazy things in there, and came up with a lot of groovy ideas.


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Seems cool, does a lot of name dropping. I just typed in a few things, and saw Oscar meyer, velveeta, and kraft.
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boston butt gives 2 recipes, one Vietnamese, the other for
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The answers are weird and too random.. Good for newbees maybe,...
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maybe it's just me, but I looked at it, and most of the recipes were cut off mid-sentance, with no where , now how , to proceed with rest of recipe
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You could add some "Share" embed links at the bottom for things like myspace, facebook, etc. Boost your traffic.

I think the rate/vote option is a great idea.
I'd throw in a "target='new'" so the links open in a new window and your site doesn't get lost.

my .02
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target=new is a deal breaker for me.. Use your middle mouse button (click) on the link to open a tab. This site feels like a book w/ no table of contents where i have to turn each page to see what's inside.

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