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some questions for Diva Q Re: Traeger

Diva Q if you don't mind, write me some general thoughts on your Traeger. What you like/dislike, tips on things, what you have learned etc. ,.

I have one, & I think I like it, but never had anything else, so it is tuff to compare.
I bought the digital temp control. One thing I noticed, when using the 225 setting, I did see the temp run all the way to 260-270 range, seemed a little hot for me. They said I can change a setting on the module to help with this.
Thanks in advance-- Sluggo

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Hey Sluggo.

Well I have 2 traegers and maybe just maybe another one the way.

I use both charcoal and Traegers and there are benefits to both.

Certainly ease of use and consistency have to be two huge factors about Traegers. My temps don't range that much. Usually 10-15 degrees at most. I would ask the dealer in regards to the probes. Mine are tweaked a bit but I didnt do the tweaking . I live just a couple of blocks from Traeger Canada East office and just up the road for the owner so it makes it convenient for him to pop by if I need anything.

I like to mix up pellets and change the flavor profile. Thats fun to experiment with. I dont like the new grapevine pellets. I dont find it adds much and they are more expensive.

The prime rib and veggie rub are my favorites. Also I like mixing the mandarin and apricot Traeger BBQ sauces. Texas spicy isn't bad at all either.

There isnt much I don't do on a Traeger. We do everything steaks burgers etc. I get nice sear marks as well. With steaks I find you just have to be a bit more patient to get it done. I still get a very nice caramelization on the outside and thats all that matters for flavor. Not as dark as with charcoal but still nice. Both give the meats different flavors.

Ribs come out darker on Traegers in comparison to the Charcoal.

I also find that the heat seems more moist and less dry.

With any new grill its important to find the hotspots first. Quickest and cheapest way to do this is with a pack of crescent dough. Just spread them out and within seco0nds you know where they are.

Whole chicken is wicked good on Traeger. I still suck royally at chicken pieces so I have no advice there.

I vacuum my Traegers out regularly and use multiple layers of foil to save time. Just easier to clean up overall.

The new finishes just came out in the last little while. They are really nice coppery colored powdered steel. I just love it and they also very smartly did the grease buckets as well.

Not sure which one you have but I am sure you will enjoy it. Pm me if you have any other questions.



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thanks for the info!! I will try that with the rolls good idea!! Just wanted some info, sounds like I am doing things right, just got to get some things adjusted.
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