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God O'Que
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Smoking on Friday

Friday I decided to smoke a pork shoulder and some spares with trimmings that I'll freeze and use in a pot of beans another time. We also had baked spuds and a nice green salad. I put the shoulder on the bottom rack at around 8am and let it go until it reached 195 at 8pm. I then wrapped it in foil and tossed it in a small cooler covered in towels for about an hour or so, then pulled it after dinner. I'll use the food saver today and freeze it for later. The ribs went on at 3pm and at the 4hr mark I sprayed them down with a little apple juice then cooked em for another hour. The spuds were cooked in the oven then slathered with butter and sour cream with fresh chopped green onions.


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Pope O'Que

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Oh Damn....that i could wrech that right now....and I just ate.

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man that made me hongry
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Looks mighty yummy. Fortunantly the warden stopped off at of the local bbq joints and snagged us a stack of chopped bbq sanwiches. They was on sale for 5 for 6 or vice versa. I have eat a lot worse. They got the best cheddar poppers in town. Big old fat crunchy thangs with the best tasting cheese you ever tasted in the middle. I am so fortunant to have such a thoughtful spouse huh? She know I am too busy to cook.

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Old 04-05-2009, 08:27 AM   #5
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Looks terrific!

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Nice, real nice
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Got me thinking about smoking some ribs..Nice job
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Another masterpiece Toby.

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Great looking. Keep the food porn rolling.

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Great job Toby, looks terrific!!

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