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Very Nice!!!!

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Dang it sure making me hongry. Used to get served a lot of shredded turkey in sauce back when in high screwl. It was my favorite lunch item. Passed for Sloppy Joes or BBQ sandwiches or something like that. Sure was good. Think it come in gallon cans. You a fortunant fella to figger out how to make that kinda stuff from scratch. Keep up the good work. Hope your bizness is continuing to prosper. May God richly bless you and yours.


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God O'Que
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6 p.m. and I just saw your message, Larry. We'll have to rain-check the PT sammich. Thanks for the offer. What's that you sauced it with?

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Is that BBQ sauce on the turkey?
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Damned that looks good.
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Another fine job Larry.
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Looks good Larry. Gonna need to try that.
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That's some fine looking buzzard Larry, yeah it is.


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