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Slow Goes It, Slow Roasting

I finally got to the bottom of a stack of Food Sections from the Washington Post that have been stacking on my living room hassock. I particularly thought this one would be of interest to you all. After all, barbecue is a style of slow roasting over a wood or gas heat source.

By Steven L. Katz
Special to The Washington Post
Wednesday, January 9, 2008; F01

But the fact is, you can produce perfectly cooked roast beef while you sleep, even with an array of beefy-tasting cuts, from pricey prime rib to affordable round roast. Slow roasting at a low temperature is the way to go. Butchers, chefs and meat experts agree that it's easy to do in basic home ovens. No fire-breathing, commercial-quality ranges are required.

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Great article! Thanks!

Larry Wolfe
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Yep, me too.

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Have a friend who swears by this method. Puts a chuck in the oven at low temp and goes to bed - can't remember the temp or total time, but suppose it would be a little shorter than on the smoker, since it's essentially wrapped the whole time. I plan on doing our next in-the-oven roast that way.
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Good read
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