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I do a lot of smoking of different things, and the temp. of choice for me is 220*F to 225*F. I have a large SBF smoker and a smaller Brinkman smoker, anECB and a gasser. I still try to stay around my target temp. unless I'm on the Gasser to grill something.
Now,I realize a lot of people like higher cooking/smoking temps. , but my luck has been the low range...
My suggestion? Go with a lower temp. on this one so as to deter oversmoking the main course. The snacks are all a size as to cook fairly quickly.
Be sure you have your thermomerters handy and check temps. often on the appetizers. This should give you a nice showing for your guest.
Hope this helps,and
Stan aka old school

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Re: Saturday cook info request

Originally Posted by XChamp
Hello fellow smokers,
Satuday i'm doing up some CSR's, Chicken thighs, ABT's and some scotch eggs.. My question is: What is a good temp to maintain thoughout the cook? I plan on putting the CSR's and the thighs on at the same time and add the scotch eggs and the ABT's about half way thru the cook.

I'm using a WSM and have a slight difference between my grate temp and my dome temp. So let say what should the grate temp be.?

Thanks for any info and i will have some pics of the finished product.

Thank you.
I prefer toGrill Country Ribs until they get to approximately 165, then sauce.

However you can smoke everything you have listed together indirect in the 245-260 range. Don't worry about the temp difference between your lid and grate, pick one place to measure your temp and stick with it. If you monitor at two spots, it'll drive you nuts! I like to keep temps at the dome as I feel I get a truer reading there and don't have to worry about my temps being effected by a piece of cold meat being too close to the therm or touching it.
Larry Wolfe
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