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Rub or Pat ?

I have read that actually rubbing the seasoning into the pours of meat will clog them up, thus preventing the seasoning from absorbing in.

I have read that massaging seasoning into the meat will cause the seasonings to absorb into the meats.

I tend to sprinkle and pat just incase both opinions are correct.

Any thoughts?

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I do it the way you do Cliff.

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I have read the same I believe in Paul Kirk's book about clogging the pores. I sprinkle and pat also.
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I like to work the seasoning into the meat. There are a lot of cracks that may not get the spices in it if it is just patted. Besides, I think that if you work the meat some it helps tenderize it. IMHO.
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Originally Posted by HFD26
I rinse off the brisket, pat it dry with paper towles. Then wet it down with worcestershire sauce and liberally apply the rub, then lightly pat in down. The rub forms a paste on the meat.
This is exactly what I did yesterday and had the best brisket with an unbelievable bark to it! Oh yeah, I used Wolfe Rub Bold!
I hope this isn't negative!
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My rubs are on the course side, so I sprinkle it on pretty thick. Wrap in plastic wrap, then butcher paper or foil (what I reach for 1st) then put in the fridge over night. Sometimes add a little rub the next day when meat meets the smoke.

Don't know anything about clogged pores, but don't you want some of the spice flavor in the meat. If not, why use a rub?
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Re: Rub or Pat ?

I sprinkle and pat myself.

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