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re-heating brisket

hey guys, I'm cooking for a car show this week end. Want to pre cook part of it on Thursday for Saturday. I was wondering about the brisket. Is it better to slice it and bag it or can I cut them in half and vacuum pack them and then drop them bag in simmering water like I have done pulled pork.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Gonna cook 2 cases of pork and 10 briskets on both Thursday and then again Friday night.

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I would cook them. Then let them cool overnight (easier to slice when they are cold) then vac pac.

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Dmtky, because you are doing so many, probably best to vac seal as stated above. I dont generally cook that many at one time.

Since I am generally firing the pit for something else when I am going to reheat brisket, here is how I do it:
Prep and rub the brisket, then cook it to around 160. Wrap in foil and continue to cook until about 200. Start probing it until the probe slides in with no resistance. Will feel like going through warm butter. Then pull the brisket, wrap in a towel and allow to rest for about an hour just as if you were going to slice and serve same day. Unwrap from towel and place in the refrigerator over night.

Next day, unwrap the brisket being careful to collect as much of the "jelly" (collagen) as you can into a bowl. Slice the brisket cold, leaving the pieces just as you sliced it. (I had removed the point on this one to make burnt ends towards the end of the cook),

Place the slices into a pan and spread the jelly across the surface. Fan the pieces to get as much between as possible. Cover pan with foil and put back on the pit at about 220 for around 2 hours. probe the meat, when in the 180 range remove, rest, and serve.

Everyone has a different way, this one works for me. One of the advantages I can see of the vacuum seal though, is that the color would still be pretty brilliant. Sliced this way, the meat does begin to brown a bit when reheated.

Good luck!
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This is the way I do it. Cook the briskets the way you normally would let rest them slice. I have a cutting board that is just a little narrower than the vacum bag that I slice briskets on. Go ahead and seal one end of the bag. I do several at a time in advance. Slide brisket into bag then seal other end. I also pour juice from brisket in bag. We have a big pot that we boil crawfish that I use to heat the brisket up in. Usually boil around 10 minutes. Take out of pot and put into ice chest. Take brisket out of chest as I need them. Cut endof bag off and put brisket in pan and serve. That way if I have briskets left over at the end of the funuction they are still in the bags. When I get though with cook if briskets are left over take them out of chest let cool off and put in fridge and use them in a couple of days.
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