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Question about canning BBQ sauce w/lard

Does anyone know if you can can ( regular type of canning not a pressure canner). BBQ sauce that contains Bacon Grease/Lard.? I’m trying a recipe out of the Legends of Texas BBQ and the recipe makes 2 gal of sauce & contains 1 cup of lard/bacon grease. I would like to be able to safely can it. Can I? I scored some cheap butts that I’m going to do on Buford today and take in to work for the fellas. I guess I still have a vacation buzz left over and the spirit of Easter is still alive. I’ll be back to my ornery self in a couple of days. Last night was my first night back in a week and a half. My pork butt is dragging . But the thought of Q is giving me a second wind. I will post pics later of the Butts and the Sauce. As always thank you for your knowledge on the subject.

I hope I posted this in the right place.

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You should use a pressure cooker if its got a meat product in there.
You could always can the sauce without the lard and add it later as you need it.
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