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Prime Rib question

Thought about doing a prime rib roast or ribeye roast for Christmas dinner. I have never done one of these before and looking for suggestions. One other problem I have is two of the women like there steaks med well to well done. One thing I thought of was when it came time to slice the meat was to have the gasser going and throw two cuts on and finish them off that way. Just need help on temps to cook at and any other suggestions.

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Re: Prime Rib question

All kinds of possibilities on this deal. Personally I like to debone em and cut it into boneless steaks from the start. You can get somewhere in the general vicinity of 12-15 boneless ribeye steaks depending on how tic or tin you want many yankee kin is coming to eat etc. Save the ribs for another day. You start serving up bone in "Rib Steaks" which is whut they are called when they got the bone I think...the dawgs will wind up with the best part of the meal. Very wasteful in my book. Its alway cold bloody and worm infested up near the bone. Also watch that Grade. CAB or at the least Choice is good. Kobe is best of course. They massage em and play with their pizzles to keep em happy or so I heard. Also give them all the bovine beer they can hold. You start bumping into Prime Rib in the Select grade you cant stick a fork in the gravy sometimes but it apparently aint agin the law to call it that. I'm fixing to write Prez Osama and see about passing some laws on this topic.


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Re: Prime Rib question

Get two smaller roasts and put one on 30-40 minutes before the other. Pull when the second one is arounf 120*.
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Re: Prime Rib question

I just use a little EVOO salt, pepper and a little granulated garlic. I take mine off at 110F as we like them on the rare side. A loose foil tent rest for about 20 min. and it temps at about 120F.

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Re: Prime Rib question

I'm with Griff here!
I hope this isn't negative!
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