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Pimento Smoke

So, I want to do a Jamaican Jerk, calling for Pimento Smoke. In Cooks Illustrated, knowing the wood would difficult or expensive to obtain, their work around was to add some allspice berries to some hickory chips. Seems reasonable. So off I go to buy some allspice berries. Well, those are seeming to be difficult to find in my parts.

So my question: What's the likely result of using ground allspice in the foil pack with the chips? I picture something like a quick smolder. Maybe someone has some suggestions how to keep a dry powder from burning up.

Do you think simply wetting it will work?

Experimentation to follow.

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Penzey's (and other mail order spice places) have allspice berries.


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Good smoke used some pimento wood. I don't think it was to expensive.
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Update: I found some allspice berrys, but ironically, the cost is more than ordering the wood online. So, I'll probably try the berries to see if my family and I like the smoke, and then go to the real stuff...


There's comes out to about $1.40 per smoke, while the allspice berries look to be about $2.50 per smoke. I'm really looking forward to the recipe.

Thanks for the feedback.
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