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Carolina grills makes a fine hog cooker.


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They are all similar in design and construction. I've cooked on a Carolina Grill. They are a solid unit.

I would look at the features you want on a grill, including total weight, cooking grate size, burner style, ease of cleaning, how it handels grease flow, etc. Then, I would look at service after the sale. Can you get the cooker back to the fabricator if something isn't quite right? Local might be a consideration.

Good Q!


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These guys make some nice pig rosters.


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Originally Posted by iceboxbbq
corndog nice looking cooker yes that's a little big for me I'm looking more at the small pig cooker maybe with the dual burners
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Find something with a seperate firebox and stay away from the gas chamber....

....a must see if you insist on a gasser or a fire "in with pig" cooker.

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i have one of these http://www.wilmingtongrill.com/pig_cooker/
i wouldnt take a share in a gold mine for it. i love it. probably a little pricey compared to the others, but its an awsome grill. tim
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