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God O'Que
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Picnics and Spares

I was running low on pulled pork and Ralph’s had picnics on sale for .99 cents a pound so I picked up a few. Rubbed them down with mustard and a homemade rub concoction then cooked them on the WSM at 300 degrees. I also had a rack of spares in the freezer so I cooked them as well. I used the Rendezvous rub recipe on the ribs then once they were close to being done, I finished on the gasser with some jacked up Sweet Baby Ray’s. I’ll vac seal the pulled pork today.

Picnics on the WSM

Picnics done and ready to head to the cooler for a few hours.

Spares ready to eat.

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Saint O'Que
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Toby this made me take a look in the freezer.....but all I came up
with was french fries
Man.....you had a dang fine lookin' cook goin' on there


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Saint O'Que
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What Puff said.
" Never let a day go by "
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Great job Toby. Looks good even if I am allergic to pushed picnics and Sweet Baby Rays.

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Yum yum.. looks great!!!!
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Fine smoke Toby, two a my favorite pieces a the pig, well ham too! Oh an BACON! :P
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Originally Posted by Cliff H.
What Puff said.
Yeah what he said and he said

Chris Shores

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