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Old Style Sticky BBQ'd Chicken

Yesterday afternoon after doing a few errands I weighed cutting the grass or barbecuing those chicken thighs. I decided to have a cold beer and after that the bbq won. I started off with making some bbq baked beans which I didn't get a picture of. Since I wanted that old school smokey sticky bbq flavor I used charcoal briquettes. While they were getting good and gray and glowing red hot I worked on the beans. I almost always put smoked sausage in my baked beans and while at Rouse's I saw something new and decided to give it a try. "Troy Landry's Choot'em Cajun Style Smoked Pork Sausage". It's distributed by a Alabama company but it reminded me of Louisiana made food. It must be that sassafras that does that. I really like it!

After seasoning the thighs with my Cajun seasoning on the grill they went.
A good cold Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager was a good start.

While the yard bird on the grill was cooking I tended to the live yard birds laying down fresh hay, refilling the feeder feed and fresh water. They gave me eight eggs yesterday for my trouble. NICE!
While that was all going on I decided to light another grill and grill the pork (loin)chops I had seasoned with my citrus rub and put those to cook. Not for too long because those are so lean they tend to dry out and get tough. I thought I have taken a couple of pictures but apparently didn't. They came out beautiful and delicious. Great grill marks too.
Back to the chicken on the grill. Saucing them while on the grill so the sauce cooks onto the meat and caramelizes makes it so tasty so I like to apply a few slatherings.
By the time the chicken was done I was on to a Sweet Potato Cream Stout. Pretty good!

With trying to get too many things done I failed to get good pictures of the chicken when it was finished and no plated pictures either. It must have been the cool fresh air that caused that. ;D ;D

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It all sounds good T! How was the Troy Landry's Choot'em Cajun Style Smoked Pork Sausage? Troy is my idol, should't those be gator sausage?

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Looks good Traegernator.

I grew up in New Orleans East. I moved to NC in 1986. Most of the people I grew up with moved across the lake. I remember going to Abita Springs for our band picnic with Popeye's chicken for the course. We went to Rouse's last summer while in Slidell and really liked the store. I really miss that Schwegmann's is gone.
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Love those beer selections!
I hope this isn't negative!
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