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Not a success, but...

Just polished off a grilled pastrami on rye with Guggisberg (baby swiss inventer), Amish Baby Swiss (Holmes County, Oh) and it was delicious. So what does this have to do with BBQ you say - I've had several vino's if I'm a little wordy. The pastrami was my first attempt and it was made from my first attempt at corned beef. The pastrami was so salty I couldn't eat it so I soaked it for 24 hours after smoking. Even so, it is still better than what I get at the supermarket deli. The moral - the worst homemade can be better than good store bought, so keep plugging - can't wait to make some really good pastrami - on Apr 5, I hope. BD

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Try this BD. Works for me.
Smoked Corned Beef Point (Commerical)

Moving target. For the last corned point I did:

1. Soak for 48 hours
2. Rinse and dry
3. Apply mustard coat
4. Cover coarsely with ground peppercorns and coriander (2/1 ratio) and
garlic powder
5. Smoke at ~250F for 12 hours until fork tender
6. Wrap in foil, place in ziploc and refrigerate overnight
7. Gently heat the next day in broth till 165F internal
8. Slice thickly

The only changes I'd make is to try to get more garlic flavor . Perhaps next
time I'll make a garlic puree and add it to the mustard before applying

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Although the recipes I read before I corned some beef all said 14 - 21 days, I found that brisket flats don't need much past 8 - 10 days, then I put them into water that is running just enough to change the water every couple of hours, for 6 - 8 hours or so.

This corned beef is not as salty as the 14 - 21 days stuff and after rubbing it and smoking it, I give it a steam bath for 3 - 4 hours, on a cooling rack in a 9 x 13 pan adding hot water to the bottom of the rack as it dries out.

It makes the best pastrami I've ever made.
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No pics=No pastrami sammy

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