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That sounds good to me...

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Wings don't take long, last time I did them on the ECB I think it was about a hour and a half. I ran a little hot (300f) and used apple for smoke.


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Cook em for an hour then take them off and coat them in some hot sauce, then grill em for a bit. I love how crispy they turn out. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Originally Posted by BBQMAFIA
thanks sapo do you have any idea how long they will take roughly so that way i can judge what time to put them on.
I don't ussualy go by time. I just look at them and check the gristle in the joints. when they are loose and almost break apart then they are done for me. Too many variables to set a time on it for me.. I also watch when they quit dripping a lot of fat. Then they are almost done for me.. I hope that helps. I like them when the meat falls off the bone without much effort..
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for chicken wings, I'd run a little hotter... say in the 300-325 range... get em done and it would crisp em up a bit.... sauce em the last 10 min or so.

is this a brinkman water smoker or a brinkman horizontal with an offset fire box?
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I use three methods depending on the skin I want. Option one is smoke at 250 for an hour then deep fry for about 5 minutes to crisp the skin then toss in wing sauce. Option 2 is bite through skin. What I like to do is smoke at about 250 for an hour, toss in wing sauce and smoke on a sheet pan for 30 minutes, flip for another 30 minutes, remove and enjoy. I add a little extra sauce (Ancho Bar original) to the pan. I end up with smoked, sauced wings with bite thru skin. Third option is smoke for an hour, grill to crisp skin then toss in wing sauce. Also BBQ sauce can be used in lieu of wing sauce. I love to use wings as they are quick and easy and offer a lot of great options. Let us know what you do and how they turned out. PS - I think large wings turn out the best.
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Brinkmann Water Smoker or ECB (El Cheapo Brinkmann) is similar to whut Gen Patton said about the M1 Garand Rifle. He say it was the best battle instrument ever invented. An ECB is the best bbq instrument ever devised if a person was to factor in the cost anyway. You got it free so it can't be beat. I think it would be astounding if anybody had the facts on how much money and prizes has been won using those thangs in cooking contests..or how many happy backyard eaters it has made over the years. Depending on how old or new it is might need a few holes drilled in the firepan. They used to come with a hole about the size of 50 cent piece in the direct bottom but some dumb yup decide to cook on his wood deck and fire fell outta the hole and burned down his house or apt. complex depending on which story you believe. they dont have any holes in the firepan and the fire cant get no air from the bottom side so it real hard to build up any heat and aint no way to shed the dead ashes fromthe fire which also knock back on the heat..make your fire go out etc. About 3 1/2 inch holes drilled in a triangle pattern on the very bottom should work well. If you want to get real fancy have a drunk welder cut you out a circle of expanded metal to fit the bottom. Reach in the little door with your pliers and give the firepan a shake occcasionally. Will make the dead ashes fall on out through the holes and keep them from smothering your fire. Person could right a book on all the tweaks you can make and tricks you can teach them thangs. That should be everybody's first pit..and maybe their last Congrats on the acquistion. Wished I could help ya on them wings but I don't cook dead chicken parts. Far as I will stoop is splits and sometimes thighs every decade or two. Wings be similar to a box of tinker toys. Too many small parts to fiddle with. The fried ones taste mo betta anyway.

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Mafia, if you have an R2D2 ECB, here's a site that has some mod ideas for ya.

There's so many Brinkman's to choose from these days it's hard to make general suggestions.
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Most of the time I grill my wings. For the sauce I use 1 cup of wing sauce (any will do) I use Texas pete's and 1/2 cup butter. While your wings are grilling, heat the sauce and butter on the stove on low heat. When done put the wings in a bowl and pour the sauce over them and give them a good shake. MAKES THE BEST WINGS ever! You can even fry them

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If you haven't already looked at the Virtual Weber Bullet

check it out. The cooking techniques and information there will apply pretty much to any bullet-type smoker, and a lot of the people who post there (myself included) have experience with the Brinkmann smokers. So you can pick up a lot of very useful hints there. And, nobody cares what you cook on - just cook, eat, and post pictures (kind of like this board, now that I think about it).

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