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Re: Maple Score!

Originally Posted by wdroller
Originally Posted by ISBBQ
Great news... one of my mom and dad's maple trees took lightening hit! Now, I got some maple wood to work with for next year! This is one load I brought home today, there is more I will be picking up next week.

There are more pics in the album when you click on this one...

Looks like Silver Maple, which produces an acrid smoke. Make sure it is 100% dry before you use it.
You got a good 'wood eye' to call out the species.

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i thought the "silver maple" has rougher thicker bark than that? Maybe just on the trunk?

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Originally Posted by dollarbill
i thought the "silver maple" has rougher thicker bark than that? Maybe just on the trunk?
Last I knew there was something like 32 or so different
species of Maple trees, and about 12 or 13 of them indigenous
to the U.S., and about 7 or so that strive in the Indiana area,
of which about 4 look similar to the wood/bark in the pics. Red,
Black, Silver and Sugar Maple.

My $.02 stab at it is Sugar Maple.

Black Maple would have a rougher grooved bark
and I think you'd remember the deep blackish red leaves while tree
was still standing and know already what it was

Red Maple is about the same, deep grooves in bark and distinct
memorable vibrant red leaves

Silver Maple bark would probably be scaley and rougher by the time
it got that size in diameter

Could tell you for sure by the leaves color and shape

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I have several silver maple trees in my yard, and the bark on the limbs look very similar to that. I have yet to cook with some of the larger limbs that fell this winter because I'm not sure if its good to cook with or not.
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