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Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

A month or so ago I drove down to San Diego to a meat supplier who carried Kurobuta pork and picked up four Birkshire pork butts. I've been following the gourmet food truck sceen and have sampled some of their pulled pork products. I got to say, there are some trucks out there who are serving some mighty tasty pork.

The most popular food trucks that offer pulled pork dishes tout the fact that they use Kurobuta pork in their specialty items. I was curious how much of a difference the upscale pork would make over the standard pork I usually get. Some of the trucks are using pork belly but I decided I would stick to the traditional Boston Butt cut of meat. The cost for the Birkshire cut was about twice the price per pound I usually pay - $2.44 instead of $1.40 per pound.

Two Birkshire butts on the WSM with Trim Tabb's Pig Powder used as the rub. These are boneless butts so I was able to put a lot of rub inside the butts before tying them up. I usually inject my pork butts but not this time. Didn't want to add any outside flavor to the meat. I will post pictures after the butts have cooked.

A bit windy this morning so I had to through up the plywood screens.

Here's the two butts after 7 hours. Temperature was at 188 degrees. I plan on pulling them at about 195 degrees.

Pulled the butts at 192 degrees, foiled them and let them rest about an hour and a half before diving in and pulling them. To tell the truth, at this point I can't tell much difference from my regular pulled pork. I'm going to use the pork today for some enchiladas and let the family judge.

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Re: Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

Cant wait for some more pics, looks great already!

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Re: Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

Looking forward to more pics and a review. I cooked a few racks of Tamworth Hog baby backs on Sunday that were outstanding. They were meatier than store bought and well trimmed. They were well worth the $5.00/lb. Butts and Shoulders are $4.50/lb. and I have not tried them yet. I guess I need to give it a go.
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Re: Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

those look delicious... I liked the loin I got at the farmers market, but pulled pork may not be much different. Whatever you kind you use I would definitely enjoy a sammich!
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Re: Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

I hear that meat from Tamwurth pigs are real good also.
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Re: Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

Looks awesome Lew

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Re: Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

Well after seeing yours and TimBear's butts, (now that just doesn't sound right) I'm gonna need to get some on soon as I'm running a little low in the old freezer. Great job on the cook!
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Re: Kurobuta (Birkshire) Pork Butt

Lew it looks perfect to me. I never get tired of seeing (or eating) pulled pork.

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