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Kamado Charcoal Question

I have been thinking about ordering some of Kamado's charcoal. It is 7.99 a box. I know I need to order a pallet of it to get a good price but what I want to know which should be ordered. I'm wanting the extruded kind. They have two kinds.


I don't know if I'll order any just mulling it over in my head. Which would you order?



Shipping info.


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I have a few boxes of the Extruded Coconut Charcoal left from a pallet split about a year & half ago. It is great stuff...you think your burn times with lump are good, this stuff burns forever, very little ash, not much aroma or flavor enhancement though. Naked Whiz gives it their highest score.

Cons - poor customer service, price, availability, after having it for a while I found myself rarely using it except on long overnight cooks or those times when I had loaded up the WSM and then once finished wanted to load it up again for another cook.

I don't believe they'll drop ship it to your house either has to be to a business, I think, that's the way it was when we ordered it.

IMHO, if you can find someone to split the pallet with great, or if price isn't a concern I'd say go for it. But with the availability of lump and the cheaper price, I don't think I would get anymore if I had the chance.

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I have used the same as Bruce few times, Bruce is right on. Burns forever, little ash,hard to find and expensive!
If I could find it, I would use it all the time!
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Saint O'Que
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Thanks for the input.
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