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It's Finally RAFFLE Day!

About time too.

I have way too many grills but the one being raffled sure is a nice one. Good luck to all the players and congrats to the winner today.
Make sure ya'll are watching LIVE TV when Greg announces the winner and calls them up.
That boy gonna be excited for sure.

Thanks Wolfe dewd for putting this on as well as other sponsor types.

May the best ticket win!!!
Good luck folks!

The Raffle gets a whopping 5 Cows
[smilie=dancing_cow.gif] [smilie=dancing_cow.gif] [smilie=dancing_cow.gif] [smilie=dancing_cow.gif] [smilie=dancing_cow.gif]
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Yeah, congrats to the winner in advance!!!... Thanks Larry for putting it together. And thanks to Greg for allowing it on his forum. Everyone stay tuned.. get to smokin yall!!! [smilie=a_fro.gif] [smilie=a_fro.gif] [smilie=a_fro.gif] [smilie=a_fro.gif] [smilie=a_fro.gif] it deserves 5 undercova brothas

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Phone numbers....hmmm...still waiting for those...but all of the names are in the secret shaker box under lock and key until 10am.

I can assure everyone of this...this will not be the typical show...there will be kids running wild in the will not be smooth but we are just trying to get a winner for the Primo...AND runner up prizes for a number of you folks as well!!
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Sorry I'm going to have to miss it but I will watch the rerun for sure.
Good job Greg and good luck everybody!

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Just got home from a bacon sammy on Itialian bread and a beer...58 mins according to my clock...
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