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What temp did you cook at and did you foil and if so when..

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wow that is fast


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thus the reason briskets and I don't get along. 13lb packer couple weeks ago took 12 hours, 13lb packer yesterday took 16 hours
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Well, I'm glad you had a good brisket.. I guess that's why they say keep a close eye on cookin a brisket...
Good Job!!
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Old 06-19-2007, 09:26 AM   #5
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Yall are all correct Briskits dependimg on the cow it come from can cook differentI did some experiments some time back using a convection Oven, Even with constant convection heat you still don't know long the cooktime & how the tenderness, juicyness & texture is gonna be. I did some reading on pressure cookers & they said they had consitant results with roasts
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Fast Track Brisket

I smoke those Briskets in 5 hours all the time. Only way for ME to do it.
It may not be the right way, it's just the way I do it and they come out Perfecto every time. ... risket.htm
Smoke On!!!!!!!
Smoke On!!!!!
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I had one freak out on me this weekend in Smyrna, TN. Started out cooking around 225 and when the brisket reached 170 (around 5 hours) it stalled (no suprise there). Then it dropped 2 degrees (hour 6) , so I upped the temp to 235 and then in about 30 minutes it flew up to 195 and the poke test was good. Well I wasn't expecting it to finish that fast and had to rest it for over 5 hours until turn in. It was pretty good and I ended up 11th and only .57 points away from finishing 9th.


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