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I don't think it will be much trouble. As long as the wind doesn't kick up.

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Just overload the charcoal ring and watch your temps on the way up and you'll be fine!

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Never stops me. It'll be fine.
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ome of these folks here live waaayyy up north Brex I mean like in Canada,
They smoke yeay round, Scotty lives north of Canada.
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I smoke year round here. Load up the charcoal


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Just keep in mind that you might have to open things up a little more then normal..because of the outside temp...like everyone else said no biggie..wind can be a pain..but you can handle it.
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It will take more fuel and beer.
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Old 03-07-2008, 09:16 AM   #8
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Yes indeed water and wind will draw the heat out of the metal sides of the smoker.

Just hold your hand near an old style single pane window on a cold day to feel an example of how much heat is drawn out through the metal sides. Think of the Q as a little old man sitting in a one room cabin. He likes it nice and warm, but any air leaks whrough the windows or the uninsulated walls causes the room to be cold no matter how much he stokes up the stove. But on a warm day, it is nice and comfortable in the room.

You gotta keep the charcoal loaded at a faster rate and open it up to hold the temps inside, or the cooking rate will slow and it will take much longer the finish.

Try to keep the water off the smoker if you can. It consumes much more heat than the wind by itself.
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Go read the Frozen Few threads. You are not getting cold weather.
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