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HMMMMM...that is common sense right? The more you take off the lid/open the door, the more time you will add to the overall cook...of course, if you alot for such openings in your cook process then there should be no problems...just longer cook times!

Did somone ask you about that or something?

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Originally Posted by Smokehouse
I've always been confused by books that caution you that each "look" costs you 15 minutes, but then recommend mopping every 30 minutes????
Some of the biggest names in the bidness offer up this contridiction.

I like to mop ribs. I don't really think you need to mop butts or shoulders. Probably the same goes for a hog. I do however cook offset alot. That means a lot of times I have to open up anyway to rotate a couple of times during a cook so that I get an even cook. I'll shoot a bunch of mop at that time. I don't necessarily open up and mop during commercial cooks. I like the staggered off time. I can process the whole chunk into BBQ a little at a time. During a Comp. It's nice to have the different cuts comming off at the same time. Cleans up the timing issue. Yes, opening the cooker does in fact create longer times, and these extended times need to be planned for. Hot mop is always best.

Good Q!


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Hot mop, and being organized helps. Knowing what you are doing (or what you're planning on doing) when you open the lid cuts down on open time.

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