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Baby Back
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I finally found Rancher! And...

The local mom and pop store has Rancher, but I'm worried about them only trying it once and it not selling well. So I'm thinking of storing some up. Which brings me to my question...

How long will an unopened bag of charcoal last?

Thanks in advance!

Brad Maffett
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Royston, Ga
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Wizard of Que
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As long as it is dry it should last almost forever. I try to keep several bags around during hurricane season just in case.

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Ditto on the hornet's answer. Gotta keep it dry though! Brad, if you have a Trader Joe's by you then good news! Rancher will be in their stores starting this Spring!
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God O'Que
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Wonder if they'd sell a pallet to a group??
Uncle Bubba

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