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How to maximize the rib count in my WSM???

Hey, a question to all of you on how to do this. I have two not-so-shiny-anymore WSMs (by the way, thanks Bill for your assembly work. It hasn't fallen apart yet).

I have 2 rib racks that hold 4 racks of ribs (4 slots). so the ribs are vertical. So one for each of the top WSM racks. That's 8 racks of ribs. However, it's too tall for my lower WSM rack, so I assume I'd have to lay my ribs there on the sides and flip occasionally. Is this correct or is there anything I'm missing. So, I can only make a few racks of ribs on the lower WSM rack, right? So unless I want to do a lot of drinking...err. bbqing, I'm only gonna get maybe (let's do the math.. 4+4=8 for the top and 2?+2 on the bottom= 8 for the party and 4 for me personally) not to mention no room for any fatties.

Is this the basic excuse I need to get a bigger rig or something??? I'm not trying to feed 40 people yet or anything, but I do have a Xmas party I'm going to and I'm assuming 8 racks of ribs would go pretty fast with a bunch of youth football coaches. They'll eat anything, especially if free. Thanks...

Eric aka The Pig
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Eric, you can easily do 8 racks of spares on the WSM, you just need to cut them in half. You can actually do 10 racks of spares, by stacking the last two on top of the vertical ribs. Here's some pics of a cook I did cooking 4 racks of spares trimmed St. Louis style with the trimmings on the bottom.


Larry Wolfe
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you could do 8 racks without even cutting them in half if you spindle them and stand them on edge...4 racks for each rack....if you laid one on top of that, you may be able to get 5, but the one on the top rack would cook a lot quicker...

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