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Hello, and smoker question

Hello all, this is my first post so first off I would just like to say hello to all and thank you for having me.

I will post my question now for anyone who just wants to answer it quick, and i will give a small introduction on myself at the end of my post just to be polite.

this is probably a question you get a lot so i am sorry if it annoys you.
I am interested in purchasing a good smoker, so I can start doin some Q and not just grilling.
As far as price goes, I am looking for the best bang for my buck, I want a good smoker, but I don't want to spend a thousand bucks. I would say I would probably want to spend at the most 300 or 400 (I'm not opposed to spending less though if good models are available).
I've looked online at models but I felt like the ones in my price range all had bad reviews. So I figured this would be the best place to ask.

As far as about me goes, I am 27, married, and I am a meat clerk at vons (safeway). I want to get into the meat cutter training program, I already cut the steaks when I'm alone anyways for people that request me to. I live in norco, california, and work in newport beach california; i hope to move back there soon. I usually cook for my wife and I, so I have always chosen to grill as my preferred method of cooking; it makes everything taste better. I'd like to own my restaurant or food truck one day. That's all really, besides the fact that I really want to get a smoker!

Thanks all for your time and happy grilling/BBQing
hopefully I have not come across as an idiot in anyway, if so i apologize.

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Re: Hello, and smoker question


"Best Bang For The Buck"?


Weber Smokey Mountain. (WSM)

Read through the posts by Larry Wolf, and you'll find information on smoking on a Weber GRILL.

The WSM is more of a smoker than a grill, but you can grill on there too. The WSM comes in the 18" model and the 22" model. The Weber grills come in more sizes than I can count.

Good luck with your decision.


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Re: Hello, and smoker question

For a smoker you can get a Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) $299 or $399 depending on which size you get or if you know how to use a tape measure and a drill you can build you an ugly drum smoker for less than $100. They make excellent smokers too, google it.

As far a grill goes you can't beat a Weber Kettle. They are priced very reasonable and put out some great grub!
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Re: Hello, and smoker question

WSM 22.5
Buzz Price
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