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Get fresh hams and smoke em. Chop and douse em with a vinegar sauce made with no sugar, but you can sweeten with Splenda. Skip the buns and fill your plate with that and a pound or two of a vinegar based cole slaw. You will lose weight eating that as long as you stay off the bread.

It's a good way to diet.

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I will second the kudos to South Beach diet, lost close to 100 pounds. All blood work and pressure is the best since I was in my 30s.

You can eat Q and be eating healthy.


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Low Carb BBQ

For those of us trying to cut carbs and shed pounds but not Q I recommend this book. I got it last year. Lots of good ways to have your Q and stay on your diet.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de ... s&n=507846


I have to say I'm quite impressed. 100 lbs Wow! Congratulations. Gives me some inspiration that it can be done!
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You guys actually eat this stuff? Try lifting weights too. Excercize is essential to a healthy life! The more you burn, the more you can eat! Good luck! Woodrow
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