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Our ride to Indiana this weekend was to visit our friends Pat and Cheryl, on the occasion of an outdoor reception for their daughter and her new husband. Pat had a Canada goose he'd shot (and his Lab had retrieved), and a smoker, so one of the finger foods for the party was smoked goose. I asked him how he'd done it, and he said "Smoked it 10 hours." Prep? "A little olive oil, salt and pepper." Smoke wood? "Mostly apple, a little oak and hickory" (from his land). Temperature? "[shrug]" I checked out the smoker, an old Masterbuilt water cooker (a brand I'd never heard of). The pic below is of a slightly more evolved model. The goose was a very dark brown -- the skin left on the breastbone shows the color. It was a good way to use a goose -- tender and tasty, just a slight bit of goose grease. Once the guests discovered it, it didn't last long.

(The perspective looks weird because the platter is oval, not round. )

Edited to a add pic of Masterbuilt cooker.

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I'd like to try that.

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Those suckers are hard to skin.
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Sounds good...that smoker reminds me of my first El Chepo Brinkman..I came across a pic of it the other day.
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I've smoked a handfull of them sky rats. When I cook them, I brine them first and stuff the cavity with orange and apple quarters.

I cook mine at a higher heat and they are usually done in about 3 to 4 hours. I don't know why, but some parts taste like roast beef. I'm going to inject the next round I cook.

The problem I have is that my back yard is full of them. As much as I am a duck hunter, I see them eating my grass and I think about all the ferilizer and weed control, etc that I put on my grass. I guess they eat the same thing out in wheat fields and they don't get growth hormones.

Is anything safe to eat anymore?

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