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Freeze Pork Twice?

I have a couple of pork butts that I purchased frozen from a meat supplier. I plan on defrosting the butts and cutting them up for sausage meat. After making the sausages, can they be frozen for use later without having the pork taste off? Doing so would mean that the meat was frozen twice. What do you think?

Thanks, Smokey Lew

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Re: Freeze Pork Twice?

Good question Lew, anxious to see what the sausage guys have to say. I have wondered about refreezing something frozen, cooked and then can the finished product be refrozen.

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Re: Freeze Pork Twice?

I've only heard of a minimal difference in texture from freezing but i've never noticed one. I've used frozen pork before, cooked it, frozen leftovers, and then eaten it without noticing a taste difference.
I'd be happy to sample some of the before and after freezing if you need me to.
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Re: Freeze Pork Twice?

Double dittos to 3 Olives. Refreezing will not hurt it. It was prob at least twice froze and thawed when you got it unless in a drunken rage you took the meat clever to the family sow and got you a fresh one or something like that.
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Re: Freeze Pork Twice?

I've never had a problem doing it.
I hope this isn't negative!
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