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Food Grade Drum

Found a guy on craigslist selling 55 gal drums for 10 bucks, he sais there food grade. Is there a way to tell if they are? I'm plannin on makin a Drum Smoker.


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Only way I know to tell is by whuts wrote on it. If it has a non removeable lid with a big and little bung hole in the top prob held some type of pumpable liquid..oil..diesel etc. If it has a skull and crossbones stenciled on it thats a bad sign You picking them up locally perhaps? Hope so..shipping and handling could bring misery.


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What difference would it make if it was "food grade?" You are not planning on filling the thing with cherry jelly! Any unused drum would be fine! "Food Grade" would mean it is OK to fill it with food, then eat what was in it. Obviously, you don't want a drum that had plutonium in it, but I would think that you could burn out most contaminants with a weed burner?
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What was in them in thier previous life is very important. From what I can tell, food grade has to do with type of liner that is sprayed on the inside.
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I made a double barrel out of two oil drums a few years back. I burned out the oil. I never tasted or smell oil after burning it out. I'm still living and so is most of the family .

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