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Flava help

I'm doing 6 butts for a small catering jobbie...

any suggestions on a rub that is not too spicy or too sweet...but a nice balance? I got some older folks and don't wanna kill them off quite yet. Pretty much they requested the meat to make ghetto Po'boys. I don't want to over power the meat with smoke either.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know Wolfe Rub...but I think the cinnamon would throw them off, ya think???

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For older folks, where you are, I'd just go with a mixture of salt and black pepper, some sugar of your choosing, and a little of whatever spice is liked in your area...cumin, chipotle powder, etc.

Simpler the better.

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Mr. Brown works well. If you mix the bark in real well with the balance of the pulled pork, it's not real hot at all.
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