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After it's cooked, you'll end up with roughly 30 lbs of brisket and 25 lbs of pork which should, if neatly arranged fit into 4 full size foil pans. Now, can you fit 4 foil pans in your smoker. If yes, more to come.....

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Ive heard alot of guys here say to boil it in the bag onsite in a turkey fry type set up and alot of guys say otherwise. Im about to have to ask the same question.

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You could also reheat pulled meat in a crockpot ... I cant remember who it was but someone told me one time to put the juices from say a drip pan into the freezer for awhile then scrape the jellyized fat from the top off and dump the juices back into the crock pot with the meat. Mmmm im making myself hungry bahhh
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This past year I've done 3 cooks where I fed up to 200 people. Smoke the meat slice or pull then vacum seal it whatever size qtys you like. According how far you are from the site you can warm up the meat(at home) in a big pot but keep the bags off the bottom. I use my crawfish pot with a basket. Put the bags in a ice chest and take the meat out as needed. Has worked like a charm for me and makes things go really easy. By the way when you bag the briskets make sure you put drippings in the bag too. Hope this helps.
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I fed about 60 people pulled pork at my nephew's wedding up in Fairbanks. We put 'em with some extra liquid (apple juice) in a big crock pot. I wouldn't do it that way again becauce the crock pot got too hot, even on low. Nobody except me noticed.
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I agree with above - heating in simmering (not rapid boil) water works great, BUT don't try it with zip top freezer bags as they have a strong tendency to fail at the seams - sounds like the voice of experience doesn't it.

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