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buchinmj, you could do all the pulled pork ahead of time, reheat ... hold in crock pots with juice or vinegar sauce ... nothing wrong with that ... a lot less for you to worry about and gives you more time

if you still want to show off the smoker at the party you could do some quick appetizers, like sausages, salmon, bacon wrapped scallops, that sort of thing, maybe some sides like smoked baked beans

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Originally Posted by buchinmj
Good idea! My next question was going to be "What are some good 'pickin' foods people can eat while they stand around besides your typical "Cheese & Crackers" type foods... The scallops sound good. You smoke them?

BTW - Its not that I'm wanting to show off, but we're asking for donations of $10/person for all they can eat/drink. I don't want them to feel scammed. I guess if the food is good, they are full and possibly drunk, they will be happy!
ABTs (see recipe section)

Smoked nuts and cheese are better done in advance IMHO, nuts at least a couple of days, cheese at least a week.

Small meatballs, themed or plain with a variety of sauces.


The bacon wrapped scallops ... I've done jumbo wrapped scallops on the smoker and enjoyed them, though they may be better suited to a grilling. One way I liked them was spaced out on skewers, smoked at 225F for around two hours (keep an eye though, don't want the scallops to overcook), then finished quickly on the grill to crisp up the bacon but the grill finish isn't necessary if you are running the smoker hotter, say 300F or above, again just keep an eye on the scallops. Serve with a light brushing of real maple syrup.

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Make some chile-lime butter to go on that roasted corn!

2 tbs butter
1 tbs lime juice
dash chile powder

emulsify and refrigerate!
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Originally Posted by Farmgirl
I've used my la caja china box twice. The first time the carcass weighed 83 lbs. and was all the box could hold(I have the biggest model). It was in April and was 40 degrees outside. I took it out after 5 hrs and it still wasn't as tender as I would like but it still tasted good.

The second time I used it was in June, the carcass weighed 63lbs. and it was 85 degrees outside. It cooked in 4 hrs we left it in a little longer for a more crispy skin, yummmm! When we flipped it over on the table to cut it fell apart!

I used apple juice and salt to inject the pig and seasoned with salt and pepper on the outside before cooking it.
A few years ago on my way back home from a cater I saw some Mexican guys with a huge homemade la caja china box. I stopped just to see what was up. Super nice guys, They could hardly speak English. They had a 185 pound porker in there. I don't know what it is about those things but man was that pork good! I had some sides left over that I gave them and you might have thought I gave them the winning lottery numbers. MAN that pig was delicious. A nice lady next door gave me a dozen tamales. They were to die for. Guess barbecue really is a universal language.
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Farmgirl, have you figured out any way to get any smoke flavor in there?
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